• Assistance and advise with the selection of the appropriate venue
  • Liaising with Bridal Couple, Clients and all Service Professionals
  • Selecting your decor consultant
  • Stage and Lighting specialist
  • Assistance with stationery designers and consultant
  • Assistance with photography and videography
  • Selecting an appropriate chef and cake maker
  • Menu compilation and beverage selection
  • Selecting a hair and make-up artist
  • Assistance with transportation

  • Selecting a Minister
  • Assistance with music and entertainment
  • Selecting bar and staffing specialist
  • A budget with quotes will be compiled
  • Compiling a detailed breakdown for the running of your wedding day or event
  • Compiling a detailed programme with all your specifics; which includes fresh
    – ideas, things to do, deadlines that has to be met and budget requirements
  • Post function feedback and wrap up session

Memories are created when you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Beginning with a blank canvas, Just Jack dips into your imagination with their creativity to paint the picture of your perfect wedding day or event.

Executed with their unique skills and resources, Just Jack will be able to bring together a magnificent day with absolute ease. No matter the moment ‚be it as the bride walks down the aisle, the unveiling of your new company or product ‚it is guaranteed to take your breath away!