Marjoríe and Jean-Pierre Wedding Day

Our lovely Canadian couple, Jean-Pierre and Marjoríe, had one spectacular wedding celebration hosted at the most beautiful wedding venue – Molenvliet Wine Estate, on the 20th of December 2014.  Molenvliet was recently chosen as one of the top wedding venues in South Africa!

This spectacular affair was one to not be missed, the couple had there ceremony in the charming Dutch Reformed Church in Franschhoek, followed by the pre-drinks and reception at Molenvliet Wine Estate.

There were so many complementing factors that made this wedding spectacular. The décor consisted of wild botanical elements paired with soft touches of pure whites, rich creams, soft apricot, and harmonised with prominent bursts of colour. The overall look was very romantic, but eclectic and interesting at the same time.

Coordinator: Leana Ferreira

Photographer: Christine Meintjes

Videographer: Vision on Fire

Florist: Flowers in the Foyer

Catering: Stirfood

Venue: Molenvliet Wine Estate

Lighting: Something Different Concepts and Designs

DJ: DJ Rene

Furniture: APlace

Staffing: Shake and Serve

Make-Up: Alicia Buckle

Hiring: Top Table & Wilgenhof

Entertainment: Play Strings

Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_028 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_015 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_006 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_014 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_013 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_012 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_005 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_001 christine-meintjes-Molenvliet_0002 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_002 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_003 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_009 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_008 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_004 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_011 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_017 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_016 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_019 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_022 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_023 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_024 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_021 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_020 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_010 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_018 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_025 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_027 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_031 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_032 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_036 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_039 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_035 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_041 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_042 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_044 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_045 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_046 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_050 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_052 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_043  Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_047 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_057 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_054 Christine-Meintjes-Molenvliet_056

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